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What is a co-op?

A residential cooperative is a corporation governed by applicable state laws. Apartment owners are shareholders in the corporation.  A seven member Board of Directors is elected annually to set policy and run the cooperative.  The Board supervises the operation of the corporation and bears fiduciary responsibility for the prudent management of the corporation as well as the hiring of the managing agent. The Board of Directors are as follows:

Cheryl Fruchter – President
David Strauzer – Vice President
Marc Cahn – Secretary
Ira Freiman – Treasurer
Daniel Benedict – Director
Anastacia Boico – Director

What is the Managing Agent responsible for?

The Managing Agent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the cooperative, supervision of building staff, payment of bills, and financial record keeping.

What is the function of the Maintenance Department?

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep of the building and all common areas. The Maintenance Director supervises all work conducted on the property and is responsible for overseeing outside contractors. The maintenance staff is also available to perform selected maintenance repairs for shareholders for a preset rate (rates do not include materials and parts).

Does the co-op have security?

Yes, the cooperative contracts a security force for the property. The primary function is to patrol the entire property (including the pool facility) to discourage unwarranted activities. The co-op also uses video surveillance in its building entrance ways, underground garages and selected outdoor sites.

What if I don't receive my maintenance bill?

Your maintenance bill is due on the first day of each month. You are responsible for paying your maintenance even if you have not received your bill. We are not responsible for any delayed or lost mail. A charge of $50.00 is levied against any shareholder who’s payment is not posted by the 10th of the month. If you do not receive your bill you may contact the Management Office to obtain your amount due.

To whom do I send my maintenance payment?

All payments should be sent to:

Akam Associates Inc.
P. O. Box 355
Emerson, NJ  07036

Please make sure your account number is on your form of payment.

How can I set up automatic payments or make a payment online?

Online Payments and Automatic withdrawals

You can make a one-time payment or register for automatic payments by creating an account with Clickpay using the link below:


Please note: you will need your Account number and Web Reg Pin number to create your account. This information can be found on your Maintenance bill.

You can also obtain this information by contacting our office at 718-776-8300 or via email at info@wpcoop.com